Breaking Free from My Google Obsession

Learning to rely on my brain more, and Search Engines less.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Mental Health Concerns

I want any and all of my feelings corroborated by strangers on the internet. When I’m anxious about my relationship, job, or family, I know someone out there has probably experienced the exact same thing. It’s nice and comforting, but often takes away my ability to self-reflect. I don’t dwell on my feelings or try to find concrete solutions. No, I merely skip on over to the internet to find validation and join the ranting and complaining that happens there.

Digital Amnesia

When I forget something, I can look it up. If it’s a trivia fact I once thought I knew, I can find it instantly, without any real research or digging. I can even have Google read the answer aloud to me as I complete another task like driving.

Regaining my Brain

Recently, I started participating in Tuesday trivia night at a local bar. Together, me and four friends get together and try to recall obscure answers to questions in categories like music, science, film, and TV, and more.

I’m an American living abroad focusing on the environment, personal growth, and travel. When I’m not writing, I paint and stalk dogs on Instagram.

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